The Next Adventure

I took these pictures on my second adventure.GenPk11_23_11(12) It was amusing as it was the day after my first adventure, and it had changed drastically in temperature. These are my favorite so far because the snow had melted and the leaves were still vibrantly colored. It was also really beautiful because I was out as the sun was setting painting the sky and earth in warm hues.

This angle was perfect. The bridge sort of looks like its hiding behind the trees.

  Hide and seek train bridge.

This bridge was absolutely gorgeous painted orange and gold with the littering of fallen leaves. The surrounding trees and the angle makes it look like your going through a tunnel.

Path to the trees

This reminds me of traveling by boat on the Erie canal. I’ve been on several boat rides and its quite relaxing.

Never ending canal line

I found this stairway which lead down to a “hiking” trail near the water. The stairs called out to me to take their picture. How could I refuse if they were willing to look so nice?

Up the stairway

I really liked this angle as I was able to capture the trees, the bridge, the sunset, and their reflections in the water.

Trees' looking-glass

This picture was really blurry, so I darkened it and changed it to black and white. It gave the overall picture a slight ethereal feel.


I had to take a couple pictures of this scene. It took my breath away.




The Lone Adventurer

These are the chronicles of my first adventure alone where I actually remembered the camera. I wandered along paths by the canal and took lots of photos but most of them came out really blurry or angled wrong. I salvaged what I could through cropping and fidgeting with the lighting.

This is the first thing I came across that caught my eye. I love taking pictures of bridges. The background trees, and the contrast between the ice and the water, enhances the architecture.

Let the journey begin!

Let the journey begin!

I’ve passed this bridge before but I’d never actually thought about where it led. So naturally I followed it a ways but it was so frigid out (32° at least) that I decided to grab some quick photos elsewhere and make the long trek home before I lost my digits.

The path to... where?

The path to… where?

This is a sign that looks like its been there for a long while. I did take a close up but it was too blurry to be legible. I like this photo because it reminds me that when I was taking it, Mr. Sun decided to peek out from behind the clouds and warm not only my picture but my hands as well.


I absolutely love this bridge! Each time I take a picture of it, it looks completely different because I capture it in different stages in the season. This time it had snowed and the tracks just added extra character. I changed it to black and white because the sun was glinting too brightly off the snow. I also darkened the picture… it was really bright but I couldn’t have captured the beauty without the sun.

Looking ever upward.

Looking ever upward.

This dock usually has a boat, well, docked. I’m guessing because of the snow and ice they took it out of the water. Its a great place to capture four different bridges and the westward bridge has a beautiful sunset in the background around 4:30pm. This was taken early afternoon.

Where'd the boat go?

Where’d the boat go?

I thought that this looked too blurry in color so I changed it to black and white. Makes all the difference.

Train bridge from the other direction.

Train bridge from the other direction.

I think people should stop and look at the collaboration of even the simplest of objects. One can be surprised how beautifully intricate small things can be when put together. Yes, I may have just called mud beautiful.

Mud, leaves, and ice.

Mud, leaves, and ice.

The last picture I took before going home. The extensions of the main path seem endless. A journey for another time.

Follow the path? Another time perhaps...

Follow the path? Another time perhaps…


I want to apologize in advance as this is my first attempt at blogging. Input is greatly appreciated!

This is going to be a very simple blog. Mostly me posting pictures at random intervals and maybe saying something that could be interpreted as inspirational. My main goal in this blog is to glorify God’s creation through photography. I love taking pictures and I love God. What could be a better way for me to express my loves but through blogging? So this is me on a journey through life working to inspire others. I look forward to you sharing this journey with me.

Ready? Let’s get going!